Knights of Columbus

About This Ministry

The Knights of Columbus is an organization of approximately 1.7 million men around the world.  Organized in 1882, the Knights have embodied the selflessness of men as it has helped overcome adversity around the world.  Knights are men of faith, guided not only by their belief in God and the Catholic Church, but by their belief in each other.  Knights are dedicated to making a difference and building a future.  It is through five key areas of service – faith, community, family, youth and fellowship – that Knights make a difference.  Faith is their foundation.  Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth and her good works, they support religious outreach and promote vocations in an effort to strengthen the faith that unites them.

As committed as they are to their faith, so are they to building their families and communities.  Knights serve as valuable role models for other Catholic men as well as mentors for all children.


St. Theresa Parish has an active group of Knights.  They meet monthly.  They sponsor fundraising activities, like Sunday Brunches and Lent Fish Fries to raise money for projects at St. Theresa’s parish.

The Knights are participating in the Wheelchair Foundation, a national organization.  This organization began by raising funds for and distributing wheelchairs to Afghanistan.  Now regular distributions go to Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  The foundation also distributes wheelchairs to US  Veterans.


James Petrie