Extraordinary Ministers - To the Sick and Homebound


About the Ministry

This ministry offers a very rewarding opportunity to provide the Eucharist to those in the community unable to attend mass.  For the sick, reception of communion is not only a privilege but also a sign of support and concern shown by the community for members who are ill.  This is a wonderful way for ministers to fulfill our Christian obligation to visit the sick, and provide a significant sign of unity among the community.


When it is determined that a homebound person is interested in receiving the Eucharist, a minister is identified to deliver it.

A pyx can be obtained from the church office to carry the Eucharist.   The minister presents the pyx to the celebrant before mass.  It is placed on the altar to receive the consecrated Eucharist.  After communion the celebrant calls up the minister from the congregation to receive the pyx.

  • In the residence of the homebound person a typical procedure would be:
  • After visiting with the person, stand
  • Let us pray for the coming of the kingdom as Jesus taught us:
         The Lord’s Prayer…
  • Showing the Eucharist, “Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world."
         Response – “Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed."
  • Offering the Precious Body of Christ - “The Body of Christ” (depending on the sick individual the Eucharist used may be a very small portion of a wafer).
         Response – “Amen”
  • After Communion
         “Lord, may this Eucharist increase within us the healing power of your love.  May it guide and direct our efforts to please You in all things.  We ask this thought Christ the Lord.  Father, your Son accepted our sufferings to teach us the virtue of patience in human illness.  Hear the prayer we offer for __________________.  May all who suffer pain, illness or disease realize that they are chosen to be saints, and know that they are joined to Christ is His sufferings for the salvation of the world.  Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever.
  • After some silence
  • A reading from scripture for the day
  • A personal prayer for the individual
  • Closing  -  “In the Name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit”


De Wynne  874-1063