Prayer Servants

About the Ministry

These ministers pray with Kidney Dialysis patients at Liberty Hospital.  Prayer promotes healing and helps the sick to become closer to God.  This prayer time can be very comforting to the patients and their families.  Prayer servants are vessels of God who help relieve patient anxiety and fears.


These ministers, always in pairs, meet with dialysis patients and families in the waiting room until they enter the treatment area. 

Partners coordinate their schedules with patient schedules.  Kidney patients on dialysis go to the treatment center three times each week, either Monday/Wednesday/Fridays or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturdays.  Ministers make their own schedules but, attempt to make two monthly visits, coordinating the visits to accommodate both of the three day patient schedules.  Hours to pray together are from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Training is provided in two sessions, once at the Kidney Dialysis Center and second with an experienced prayer partner. 


De Wynne