Bereavement Committee

About This Ministry

When a Catholic dies, the Church celebrates a Christian Funeral Vigil and Mass with them.
Members of the ministry are present with a listening heart to those dealing with the death of a loved one. This committee attempts to serve the bereaved in a compassionate, spiritual and effective way.  Grief can take many forms including mental, physical, social and emotional.  This ministry attempts to be compassionate and supportive, while providing and walking the bereaved through the appropriate church services.


The family of the deceased is asked to make contact with the church before making any funeral arrangements with the mortuary.  To best assist the family through the understanding and expression of our belief in eternal life and to help pray for the loss of our loved one, we ask that the family make an appointment with the Bereavement coordinator / team.

Matters to be discussed:

  • Confirm the Presider’s availability for date/s for Vigil service, Funeral Mass, and Burial
  • Meet with the Coordinator  and available bereavement members to help with the grieving process and for the Preparation for a Christian Funeral Service
  • Plan the Liturgy involving family participation: eulogy (said before Mass), altar server/acolyte, music, choosing the readings and lectors, greeters, Extraordinary ministers, and gift bearers.
  • Prepare an order of worship for the Mass
  • Secure an organist/choir

Organizing what needs to be set up:

  • Tables to be used in Church for: (If full body) Christian symbols, Pall, Gospel, and Crucifix, and if Urn, picture, and leis.
  • Set up Paschal Candle near coffin / urn
  • Set up for Mass: Vessels and books
  • Set up Holy Water bucket / incense
  • Provide tables and table cloths for greeting and love offering box.
  • Set up easels for poster boards
  • Place small trash receptacles and tissue in front pews
  • Set up projector and screen if requested
  • Set up tables and table cloths for outside- refreshments
  • Set up Hall for luncheon

After the coordinator meets with the family or friends the family will go over and select suggested readings for the Vigil and the Funeral Mass and schedule another meeting with the coordinator, then the Bereavement Committee will deploy, along with the Coordinator, to make the agreed upon arrangements.



Jenny Gutierrez