Faith Formation Committee

About This Ministry

The adults of the parish play a crucial role in living out the parish motto and mission statement.  There is a need, not just to develop an adult faith program, but to gain a whole new perspective on the life of the parish.  The call of adult faith is not introducing another program.  Rather, the call of adult faith is a deepening of our relationship with Jesus.

The emphasis is on creating a venue for adults to experience a deeper faith in Jesus, a constant call of renewal and conversion.  This can only take place when adults are given the space and time to process their life experiences, allowing faith to illumine such experiences.  When appropriately done this way, adults in our parish will NOT see attendance to liturgy as a ritual, performed as a requirement.  Rather, liturgical celebrations are an encounter with Jesus.  This will result in a vibrant and caring community since the focus is on our relationship with Jesus and with one another, rather than a performance of activities.

When adults gather, it is normal to have discussions.  In a discussion, there often are two opposing views.  Discussion often means “convincing the other party of your point of view.”  This can take place in the discussion of political or social events.

In an adult faith, the emphasis is conversation.  Conversation connotes a commonality, an openness to share and learn from others.  Conversation means that no one has the correct answer.  In this kind of conversation in which each can contribute.  It is not a right or wrong answer but rather a discovering of what it means for each.

In adult faith, the conversation centers on the critical issues that go beyond current realities of human experience.  It is not simply a conversation of experiences.  Rather, it is a conversation of faith, of where is God in the different life experiences.


The Adult Faith sharing takes place as follows:

  • One or two day Renewal Program
  • Ongoing faith sharing in small groups, done every week or two
  • General gathering of all small groups done every other month

The first two renewal sessions were held during Lent 2014.  Small groups have been formed and facilitator training is being provided.


Candie Pinaula