Extraordinary Minister - To the Hospitalized

About the Ministry

This ministry is very similar to delivering the Eucharist to the homebound, except that here the minister must accommodate hospital procedure.


Training for this ministry if provided by the hospital.  The hospital is keenly interested in being sensitive to the wants and needs of all patients.  Ministers can not distribute communion, or offer to pray with patients, without this training.

St. Theresa parish supports delivering communion, and praying with patients in the hospital on Saturdays each week.  Ministers commonly go to the hospital in pairs since there are sometimes as many as 40 Catholic patients.  They are usually scheduled on the order of once per month.

Ministers go to the church sacristy to obtain the tabernacle key, and to the chapel to obtain a sufficient amount of consecrated Holy Eucharist.  The ministers check in at the front desk at the hospital to obtain a badge and get a list of Catholics.  Visits are made during hospital visiting hours only. 

Ministers then check at the nurses’ station to determine if there are any dietary restrictions for the patient to be visited.  Entering the patient’s room they greet the patient and any visitors, offering to pray with them, or offer the Most Holy Eucharist.

Ministers are provided with a card showing an appropriate prayerful procedure for offering The Eucharist (similar to the procedure in visiting the homebound), or for just praying with the patient.

Ministry training is provided by De Wynne.



De Wynne   874-1063