Pastoral Council

About the Ministry

Our parish council brings together lay people and religious who, together with the pastor, work jointly to building the parish as a living Christian community.  Through prayer and reflection, faith sharing, planning and action, the parish pastoral council is the place where ministries or services are brought forth that are needed for the growth of our living parish community.

The Pastoral Council is a consultative and advisory body rooted in prayer, faith sharing and study:

  • Examines and considers all that relates to pastoral work of the parish, the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish, its members and the broader community in which it ministers.  The council proposes practical, concrete recommendations giving guidance to the pastor concerning the ongoing life and mission of the parish and community.
  • Creates and sustains a mission statement for the parish and periodically evaluates and revises it.
  • Engages in the ongoing process of pastoral planning to access parish needs, determines priorities and options for meeting those needs.
  • Develops policies that serve to carry out the parish mission.
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of existing programs.
  • Reflects on diocesan pastoral policies and recommends how they can be implemented in the parish.

The pastor and pastoral council guide, empower and oversee the parish community by Identifying, prioritizing and evaluating goals and objectives in the seven essential elements of parish life:

  1. Evangelization – spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, especially through personal and communal sharing of faith.
  2. Worship – communal witness to the sovereignty of God, the abiding presence of Jesus Christ, and the power of The Holy Spirit at work in the church.
  3. Word – deepening of faith from the sharing of God’s word, which takes place in a variety of ways and in multiple contexts within the life of the Church.
  4. Community – drawing parishioners together in mutual support, activity, celebration and growth.
  5. Service – being of service to others in need through works of charity and justice.
  6. Stewardship – embracing stewardship as an expression of discipleship with the power to change how we understand and live our lives.  A steward is one who:
    1. Receives God’s gifts gratefully,
    2. Cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner,
    3. Shares them in justice and love with all, and
    4. Returns them with increase to the Lord
  7. Leadership – leading the parish in ongoing discernment and realization of its mission.


St. Theresa’s parish has an active and vibrant Pastoral Council.  The council meets monthly.  It is comprised of 9 – 12 lay men and women representing a cross section of the parish.  Ex officio members include the Pastoral Associate and the Finance Committee Chair.

The council has devoted time to developing our parish mission.  The council expresses the mission three ways:  

  1. Parish Motto – Rooted in Jesus, we love and serve others
  2. Mission Statement
    1. St. Theresa of Kihei, a Catholic community called to be disciples of Jesus, seeks to:
      1. Faithfully model Jesus according to His Word
      2. Become a welcoming, loving and caring community
      3. Grow in our faith and spirituality through Eucharist, the sacraments, prayer and study
      4. Put faith into action through full and active participation in our parish and community
      5. Practice stewardship in our parish and community
  3. Our Calling:
    1. Model Jesus
    2. Become community
    3. Grow in our faith and spirituality
    4. Put faith into action
    5. Practice Stewardship

The council has developed a Strategic Plan with a focus on stewardship and faith formation.

  • Faith Formation – a committee of the Pastoral Council has been formed for faith formation.  This group is fostering the creation of a venue for a deeper relationship with God through activities like retreats and the formation and support for small groups.
  • Stewardship – a committee of the Pastoral Council has been formed for stewardship to :
    • Study stewardship
    • Develop a plan for fostering it within the parish


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