Music Ministry

About This Ministry

From the “Catechism of the Catholic Church … musical tradition is a treasure of inestimable value in the liturgy.  A combination of music and words forms an integral part of solemn liturgy.”  “Address one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with all your heart.”  “He who sings prays twice.”

Songs and music function as signs closely connected to the liturgical action: the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful.  Music can inspire the participation of the assembly in the liturgy.

Dr. J. Michael McMahan, President of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians once wrote, “The Song of liturgy is the rehearsal, if you will, for the song of life.  At the liturgy we hear God’s song: God’s song forms us into a people.”  

We are very fortunate at St. Theresa to have an artful, well rounded and inspiring music ministry.

Adult Choir

The adult choir leads music participation in both Sunday morning liturgies, as well as many special celebrations like Christmas and Easter Time.  This group attempts to prompt the faithful’s participation in the liturgy through a wide mix of traditional, spiritual, contemporary, gospel and cultural music.  The adult choir leads with voice as well as instruments and always welcomes new members.  They practice weekly.

Tongan Choir

This choir leads musical participation at the Saturday 5:30 PM mass.  They are a powerful and melodious group singing both a cappella and with instrument accompaniment.  They sing both in Tongan and lead the faithful in some English songs.  This group practices weekly.

Life Teen Contemporary Choir

This group, lead by Frank Chargualaf, provides musical accompaniment for the Sunday evening  5:30 PM mass.  They lead the faithful with inspiring music aimed at teens and young adults.  They practice 1 ½ hours before mass.